I would have built a bigly electric wall around Europe. Trump’s unveils bold Brexit plan

by Danny SoZ

In a TV interview with fellow, prize irritant, Piers Morgan, US President, Donald Trump has revealed, that were he the Prime Minister of Great Britain, he would have handled Britain’s departure from the European Union in a far more robust fashion than current PM, Theresa May.

For starters, I would have built a wall around your country,” he told Morgan. “A bigly, electrified wall that would have kept the bad guys out. There are some very bad guys in Europe, trust me.

“I went there once and two hookers busted into my apartment and demanded that I allow them to piss on me. I had to call the cops to have them hauled out of there. These are not good people”

“Secondly, I would have brought over some of our beautiful, United States Airforce invisible planes to shoot down any European airplanes that tried to fly over the wall. Bad people will try to do bad stuff and this would stop them. No question”

Trump is due to visit the UK in late November, a trip that is already sparking controversy, with many Brits beginning to store bottles of their urine in the shed in readiness for the big day.



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