Boring Woman Captured on Film Having a ‘Near Life Experience’

Boring Woman Captured on Film Having a 'Near Life Experience'

A SPOOKY video clip has emerged of a very boring women thought to be in her late 40s having an N.L.E. (Near Life Experience).

The film clip, captured using a mobile cell phone, recorded the women getting out of her bed and actually making an effort with her life.

Neuroscientist Frank Rummelmyer told our reporters about the incredible footage:

“This lady’s phenomenal transcendental experience led her to float out of bed to do the housework; something she hasn’t done for a while.

“She then began to tidy up the tip of her garage where she has been storing so much crap in her life before getting a good hot shower and meeting an old friend for lunch.”

The Near life Experience is thought to be the first of its kind for a female in her prime years but Neuroscientists are said to be encouraging and persuading other women to follow in this lady’s footsteps.

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