Attacks were, “Good-natured high jinx”, serial rapist tells court

Attacks were, "Good-natured high jinx", serial rapist tells court
by Danny SoZ

A man accused of 12 brutal rapes carried out over the past 6 years has told an Old Bailey court that his attacks were just good-natured high jinx and that his victims should have had a bit more of a sense of humour and realised that he was just, “mucking about”

Graham Pintel, 45, from Golders Green in London, made his outburst in the dock during a cross-examination by counsel for the defence, Tobias Dell QC.

As his catalogues of offences were put to him, Pintel became extremely agitated and yelled at the Jury, “Ok, I admit it was probably not the way I should have behaved, but at the end of the day we all do things we regret afterwards for God’s sake.

“I suppose in this present climate I should have been a bit more mindful of how these women would respond, but I guess not all of them share my sense of humour which is probably why they went to the police.

“It was just a bit of light-hearted fun, good-natured high jinks carried out against my better judgement. I was only mucking about for God’s sake. It’s nothing that you wouldn’t see in an MPs office or The White House every day of the week.”

The trial continues






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