Aliens ‘petrified’ Kim Wilde will release another song

by Kat Ziegel

Extraterrestrial beings are said to be in hiding after being linked to famous 80s pop icon Kim Wilde, yesterday, with a full planet of them absolutely petrified she will release another track soon, it has emerged.

The aliens have distanced themselves from Wilde, now 108-years-old, since she revealed aliens have visited her house. The songstress told an unknown magazine she ‘lived in fear of being abducted’.

However, aliens have hit back after one of their flying saucer leaders made the following statement:

“I’m afraid this lady is as mad as a barrel of scientists. We don’t do C-list celebrities, and especially ones that can’t sing. If we went for that sort of nonsense we’d have kidnapped the Spice Girls years ago.”

It’s not the first time a celebrity has been linked to something weird.

In 2015 there was a suggestion the singer from the band Coldplay was being linked to some vocalist achievement award…or something.

Sources say there was more chance of Elvis being abducted by a chip shop.



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