Alex Salmond Challenges George Osborne to a Square Go

Frankie Goes to Holyrood: Two Tripes Go to War as the Alex Salmond v George Osborne fight heats up. Millions scramble for ringside tickets

Salmond and Osborne set to go head-to-head over the pound
Salmond and Osborne set to go head-to-head over the pound

Scotland’s First Minister has reportedly had enough of the Pound Sterling debate with George Osborne and consequently has challenged the English MP to a fight.

Salmond said today from his offices in Edinburgh:”If that wee prick wants to keep the pound then I will let him keep the pound.

I will insert a shiny new coin in his arsehole, pull his head forward until he sees three jackpot haggis’ then I will turn the fucker upside down and empty the contents of the bastard’s trousers into an LIDL bag and that will be the matter ended.

Pay Per View companies are said to be lined up with negotiations in their early stages but a venue has still to be announced.

Spokesperson for Alex Salmond told Dafty News: “The venue is likely to be confirmed shortly. We are in discussions right now but Alex wants to take Osborne on behind the school bike sheds.”



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