DAFTY NEWS was founded by Scottish-born European-based comedian and comedy writer Stephen Hamilton.


Although the online mag was originally born from the city of Glasgow, the site has a healthy US/worldwide audience and currently has US-based writers as well as writers from the UK.

Hailed as one of the web’s fastest-growing satire news sites, Dafty News can count on a handful of famous names as fans of the magazine.

Our satire news articles are not to be taken seriously.

We are NOT a fake news site but a satire site taking a swipe at so-called real news and fake news.

If you want a fake news site we highly recommend mainstream media. Well, they did tell us Weapons of Mass Destruction was real. Turns out an awful lot of people died because of that fake news.

Occasionally we use real model images that we own and on occasions we use example models.

We also produce honest columns of real stuff such as our comedy corner where we write honest reviews of comedians and comedy shows.

The word ‘dafty’ is Glasgow slang for daft, a daft person, silly, stupid. It can also be used as a term of endearment and not always derogatory.

The online magazine Dafty News is owned by Plan4 Media, a publishing and media company.





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