£300,000 Cannabis Farm Found Near Glasgow Sheriff Court

Hundreds of cannabis plants with a street value of about £300,000 were found in a building near to the City’s Sheriff Court complex at the side of the Clyde.


Officers acting under warrant recovered the plants from a property in Oxford Street, close to the Sheriff Court, and took the evidence to Glasgow’s main police station in Govan where they were being examined by senior officers.

Chief superintendent John Brown of the city’s drug squad said in an official statement:

“It’s really good stuff man. Best bit of skunk I’ve come across in ages.”

When the reporter asked about his bleary looking eyes he said he’d been at it for hours before suddenly saying “work mate, work.”

He went on to say that his officers will ‘Take care of it’ and ‘it will be destroyed by burning, away from prying eyes.’

One wonders where it will be actually ‘burned’.

Wee Tam, a gardener from Govan who works in the town, went on to say: “They polis are all the same. I gets tae dae a wee bit of gerdinin and that lot go and spoil it for me.”







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